Woke Wagon (SM)

Track White House Staff, Cabinet Members, and Political Appointees Across the Government







Do you have information about Biden Administration political appointees? Send us an email at [email protected].

Database last updated on April 27, 2023.

The Woke Wagon is a searchable database that allows the American people to identify which political appointees are working in the Biden Administration, and where. While many Americans might recognize the most senior Biden Administration officials, the reality is that the behind-the-scenes political appointees who have been hired by the Biden Administration make the daily damage possible, and the American people deserve to know who they are.

AFL began working on this project in 2021–when it submitted FOIA requests to every department and agency across the federal government to obtain information about the Administration’s political appointees. A number of those departments and agencies have complied with AFL’s requests, but a large number have flouted their legal obligation to provide the requested information—leading to a litigation blitz AFL initiated to obtain the records from 11 departments and agencies.

As we obtain more records, we will continuously update the website and make the WOKE WAGON the central clearinghouse for information on political appointees in the Biden Administration.